Social News in 1000 Steps – Step 4

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I decided to make the filtering of common words stricter. This should in theory give us more “technical” terms. The additional filtering consists of:

  • Excluding words found in the Reuters, Brown, names and words NLTK corpora.
  • Excluding words with low unigram TF-IDF score.
  • Excluding ngrams containing digits (for example ‘S3’ or ‘PyLearn2’).
  • Excluding ngrams with duplicate words (for example ‘Hadoop Hadoop’). This is a probable spamming technique.

The code for this step is as follows (also on Github):

import datetime
import dautil as dl
import pandas as pd
def get_terms(alist, sw):
    df = dl.nlp.calc_tfidf(alist, sw)
    return dl.nlp.select_terms(df)
corpus = dl.nlp.WebCorpus('sonar_corpus')
texts = corpus.get_texts()
sw = dl.nlp.common_unigrams()
unigrams_tfidf = dl.nlp.calc_tfidf(texts, ngram_range=None)
all_unigrams = set(unigrams_tfidf['term'].values.tolist())
uncommon = dl.nlp.select_terms(unigrams_tfidf)
sw = sw.union(all_unigrams - uncommon)
text_terms = get_terms(texts, sw)
title_terms = get_terms(corpus.get_titles(), sw)
terms = text_terms.intersection(title_terms) - corpus.get_authors()
fname = 'keywords.csv'
old = set(pd.read_csv(fname)['Term'].values.tolist())
with open(fname, 'a') as csv_file:
    for t in terms:
        if t not in old and not dl.nlp.has_digits(t) \
                and not dl.nlp.has_duplicates(t):
            ts =
            csv_file.write(ts + ',' + t + ',Use\n')
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