Complaint Against Hollywood

Yesterday I watched the “Ender’s Game” movie or film and I didn’t pay for it in the traditional sense, because it was scheduled on cable television. Which turned out to be the better choice, because obviously I am going to be very negative. I tried to deal with my emotions by reading IMDB reviews, but that only made me angrier. Possibly to the point of calling somebody and yelling my complaint for a long time. (By the way I didn’t know that the book author is homophobic (according to the IMDB reviewers). I didn’t detect anything homophobic in his books, however I wasn’t expecting it. If it turns out the book was written by Satan himself, I don’t think it will change my opinion of the book.)

Anyway if you haven’t read the book you are better off reading it. If you read the book don’t watch the movie if you can. I think the following quote from an IMDB reviewer sums it up accurately: “Again, these 12 years olds are supposed to be the best of the best on earth trained in a military facility to be Napoleonic commanders, but come across as a bunch or little kids having a good old time playing wii at a sleepover where they stayed up past their bed time.

And also the little kids looked older than they were supposed to be, but that is understandable. Some reviewers suggested to have a two parts movie or film in order to do justice to the novel. Why not an entire television series? I could say that they butchered the story, clearly for commercial reasons. However, I suspect some of it was out of spite, maybe even for political reasons.

I am writing this complaint although it is almost certainly a waste of time. The danger is in my opinion that shallow movies or films like that will make people less interested in reading. For instance, I have seen one of the “Hunger Games” movie or film and I wasn’t impressed, therefore I decided that the related books, must be pretty bad. And I guess it works like that for more people, so somebody somewhere needs to do something about it or else ….

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