Python Data Analysis


Happy Holidays!

You may have noticed that I haven’t listed “Python Data Analysis” on this website yet, although it seems that the book was on people’s radar for various reasons (including the “Packt 5$” campaign. Anyway around Christmas Packt is rather busy, so I haven’t started the campaign in earnest. And probably will not for quite some time until marketers are available.

For people who are doubting, whether I wrote the book, I hope this serves as proof. If not, I mean I can’t force you to believe anything. I am working on other projects and also trying to recharge, because again believe it or not “Python Data Analysis” took a lot of sweat and tears to write (no bleeding).

And because today is Sunday and I have 2 dozen ebooks to read, I will keep it short. In the meantime, if you have any questions/suggestions/concerns feel free to voice them via the comments/contact page.

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