Review of “OpenCV Essentials”

Sunitha P. from Packt Publishing provided me with a review e-copy of “OpenCV Essentials”. A book with many authors, most of which seem to be linked to the same university. The book has about 200 pages and the following 8 chapters:

  1. Chapter 1, Getting Started is an introductory chapter, but it does require prior knowledge of OpenCV. In this and other chapters Windows users get the most detailed help.
  2. Chapter 2, Something We Look At – Graphical User Interfaces goes deeper into GUI capabilities related to OpenCV.
  3. Chapter 3, First Things First – Image Processing  covers brightness control, contrast and color conversion, retina filtering, and geometrical transformations.
  4. Chapter 4, What’s in the Image? Segmentation explains how to extract regions of interest within an image.
  5. Chapter 5, Focusing on the Interesting 2D Features covers several feature detectors.
  6. Chapter 6, Where’s Wally? Object Detection is about the OpenCV objdetect module for object detection.
  7. Chapter 7, What Is He Doing? Motion covers techniques related to video and motion detection.
  8. Chapter 8, Advanced Topics focuses on machine learning and GPUs (CUDA).

Although the book was written by multiple authors it’s not noticeable. I particularly liked the example where a picture of a baboon was transformed into the image of Lena Soderberg. Overall “OpenCV Essentials” was an enjoyable read.

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