Review of “Mathematica Data Visualization”

Sunitha P. from Packt Publishing provided me with an e-copy of “Mathematica Data Visualization. The book has 136 pages and has the following 5 chapters:

  1. Chapter 1, Visualization as a Tool to Understand Data gives an introduction to Mathematica. Which is great, because I haven’t used Mathematica in quite a while.
  2. Chapter 2, Dissecting Data Using Mathematica is about importing data and basic plotting with Mathematica.
  3. Chapter 3, Time Series and Scientific Visualization teaches time series and molecule visualization.
  4. Chapter 4, Statistical and Information Visualization has examples of text analysis and graph visualization.
  5. Chapter 5, Maps and Aesthetics makes some remarks about color maps. I think that pretty much every visualization book raises those points.

Mathematica Data Visualization is a great book about visualization. I particularly liked the chort diagrams example. Although the book is on the short side, the author compensates by giving references for futher reading in each chapter.

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