Learning Numpy To Be Published

Priandke ([email protected]) from Packt asked me to help marketing a book that is to be published by July 13 th.

In order to ensure that the book is promoted correctly and as effectively as possible, I’d be really grateful if you could participate in some of the online marketing activities for the book/video course.  Firstly, as I’m sure you know, social media sites and blog sites are vast platforms that can be used to spread a word about the book. It would really be appreciated if you could post a link to the Packt’s page for this book: http://bit.ly/UyKBJ1

I was also wondering whether there is anyone or any website that is relevant to get in touch with in order to get a review from. If we can get the book publicized on some high profile blogs, this will be extremely helpfule. Please get in touch with Prianka if interested.

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