Review of Learning Android Intents

Learning Android Intents is a great beginner’s guide about Android Intents. In 9 chapters every aspect of Android Intents is covered – from the Android versions history, IDE’s to more advanced features:

Chapter 1: Understanding Android
Chapter 2: Introduction to Android Intents
Chapter 3: Intent and Its Categorization
Chapter 4: Intents for Mobile Components
Chapter 5: Data Transfer Using Intents
Chapter 6: Accessing Android Features Using Intents
Chapter 7: Intent Filters
Chapter 8: Broadcasting Intents
Chapter 9: Intent Service and Pending Intents

What I liked about this book

  • Clear explanation of technical details by experts in the field.
  • Good use of screenshots. In fact, some of the code snippets and shorter code examples are “screenshotted”. This makes the book more compact and easier to read with an e-book reader.

As often I tried to find something negative. I wish that there was nothing to report, but unfortunately I found many occurrences of “//TODO Auto-generated method stub” comments in the code examples. So many that I have to mention it. In my opinion it should have been easy to delete those. For instance, with Ctrl-D/Cmd-D or similar. I noticed also that not much attention is given to unit testing and profiling/performance tuning. Probably not very relevant for Android Intents. Or there was simply not enough room for that. Otherwise a great book for Android enthusiasts and I think making screenshots of short code examples should become the norm in programming books.

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