Review of Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook

Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook is a troubleshooting guide for beginning to intermediate network admins containing detailed step-by-step recipes, many real life war stories (add a lot of entertainment value) and many tips and tricks of the trade. The author insists that common sense is always the most important tool you need and some of the tips given are just common sense (like don’t use techical terms when talking to users). Still Wireshark is an awesome tool with a lot of complex and useful features. This book truly does justice to them.

As a reader it is suggested to have basic networking knowledge, otherwise you might not enjoy this book. However, some tutorials do give detailed explanations of protocols and other relevant topics. Also at the end of some sections links to relevant manual pages and other informative websites can be found. Unfortunately maybe about 90 % of the instructions (for instance installing) are heavily Windows oriented. So as a Linux or Mac user, you may have to do a bit of extra Googling.

On a positive note the usage of screenshots is simply excellent. I suspect that a special tool was used to annotate and manipulate the images.

I am not sure where the captures in the cookbook come from. Maybe the author created them by himself either on the job or for the purpose of this book. Or maybe the captures may have been downloaded from special websites. Or a combination of all the above. The fact remains that you cannot download them from the book’s website, which is a shame.

“Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook” is a great networking book for the hands-on network admin with a bit too much focus on Windows in my humble opinion.

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