Preview of Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook

The marketer of Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook asked me to write a preview before writing the final review. The preview should give my first impression about the cover and a chapter or two. If first impressions don’t change 90 % of the time, then you probably don’t even have to wait for the actual review. First, the cover, which I am not going to say much about since I am reading an e-book. If you are really interested in the cover you can check it out via the URL above.

OK, my very first impression of this cookbook is that the text is clear although it doesn’t explain everything in detail. Some basic network analysis knowledge is required and just in case at the end of some sections links to relevant manual pages and other informative websites are provided. The tutorial on installing Wireshark seems to be meant only for Windows users. That appears to be the case in the other sections I read, so that might be subject to change. Browsing further I discovered a big chunk of the book describing the proprietary Wireshark filter expression language and a chapter on statistics. Both of these should be useful in the real world. That’s it for now. My official in-depth review is coming soon.

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