Review of Xcode 4 Cookbook

Xcode 4 Cookbook is about iPhone and iPad application development. The book goes over all the aspects of the iOs development cycle with Xcode from installing the necessary software to debugging, profiling and finally submitting the final product into the Apple’s App Store. Of course social media, cloud and special hardware features are also covered. The cookbook is written in a very thorough and easy to understand fashion.

Overall I am very positive about this cookbook, but there are some minor points I noticed:

  • The author has obviously setup Xcode to generate comments automatically for each code file with copyright, a timestamp, his name etcetera. Which is fine and a good engineering practice. I am not sure whether it’s really necessary to include that in a cookbook. And more importantly it seems that the majority of the code was written in 2012.
  • Some recipes have lots of steps. More than 40 sometimes. It might have been possible to split those up.
  • Especially in those recipes it might have been useful to have some extra screenshots. I am not saying that the book should have resembled a comic book, but an additional screenshot here and there would have made things clearer.
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