Review of Groovy 2 Cookbook

Groovy Cookbook is an excellent example based book about Groovy – the young dynamic programming language that can run on the Java Virtual Machine. In the past I have read the also brilliant Groovy in Action, which is by now outdated. Since then my enthusiasm for Groovy has cooled, although it is a great language.

This new book does a good job of explaining about recent Groovy developments such as Grape, Gradle, JSON and NoSQL support. You should not read this book from back to front, since it is a cookbook. Just start with the examples that are interesting to you. The text is littered with references to other relevant recipes, so you can start anywhere you like.

I had a minor issue with the free online chapter. When I clicked on the download link my browser navigated to an upper directory, so I had to type in the rest of the correct URL. Also it seems that there is only a PDF version of this chapter. Which is a shame, since I prefer the ePub format. Other than that there is not much to complain about. Maybe it would have been nice, if there were a bit more “enterprise” type recipes. And some examples about Grails, Griffon or other Groovy frameworks.

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