Review of HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook

HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook contains a variety of cutting edge HTML 5 recipes. The examples are so cutting edge in fact that some of the HTML 5 features might not be supported by more than a handful of browsers right now and a couple of the API’s featured are not completely production ready. The book is very readable, which is good since it has more than 400 pages. The first 3 chapters seemed perfect to me, but after that I started noticing minor spelling and grammatical errors. Which is not a big deal for a programming book. Still I can’t give top marks.

So if you learn by doing and are a serious front end developer, I think that this is a good book for you. Just be aware that you can’t use all the features yet. I would give “HTML5 Data and Services Cookbook” 3 or 4 stars out of 5 depending on how bothered you are by typos.

Disclaimer: I received this book from Packt Publishing in order to review it. Also I am more of a back-end developer.


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