Review of “Shadow of the Hegemon”

“Shadow of the Hegemon” is the second book in the Bean’s series or Shadow’s series. You can even say that it is part of the Ender’s Series. Bean is a genetically manipulated boy, that doesn’t stop growing. As a result he has a huge brain and body. The advantage is super-intelligence. The disadvantage is a short lifespan.

It’s a boy meets girl story. Girl gets kidnapped by the evil genius Achilles. Boy tries to rescue the girl several times. The kids are older than in the first book and there is more dirty talk. So this is definitely not a book for young readers.

Hegemon in the title refers to the leader of the unofficial world government. If you have read the previous Bean book, then you would know who is the most likely Hegemon candidate. The mad genius Achilles tries to gain power through wars in Asia. He is therefore the direct opponent of the Hegemon. The Hegemon and Bean become allies in their fight against Achilles.

The Good

This novel describes a possible future where China is a superpower and the US has lost most of its power. That part of the story is quite well written.

The Bad

For a science fiction book, there is not a lot of science or technology in the novel.


Most of the action in the “Shadow of the Hegemon” takes place on Earth. For some reason the military in this future world is still using old fashioned weapons. If you are willing to ignore this, then I would recommend this book to you.

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