Review of “Cryptonomicon”

“Cryptonomicon” by Neal Stephenson was written before the Baroque Cycle trilogy and is closely related to it. However, the events in this book occur after the Baroque Cycle. A lot of the action in “Cryptonomicon” takes place in World War II. Then there is a treasure hunt involving gold collected during the war. And it’s also a story about a startup, which tries to setup a currency, that somehow reminds me of Bitcoin (the novel was written before Bitcoin was created). We learn a little about cryptography and code breaking, which is cool, but I found the startup anecdotes even more entertaining. And there are some really nerdy jokes, but I am not going to repeat them here.

The copy of the book that I have is over the thousand pages, but to make the book lighter apparently the publisher decided to compensate by making the fonts smaller. Which is fine, I guess,  if you are twelve and don’t wear glasses. Myself, I wasn’t that happy with the smaller fonts. Also there are some diagrams in the book and supporting material for the cryptography pieces. Seems a bit odd. I would have just posted that material on a website and linked to the URL from the book.


Great book, shame about the small fonts.

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