Weekly Standup IV

First a joke.

Question: why did the Scrum chicken cross the road?

Answer: it was committed to Sprint!

Another old classic.

What did I do?

This week.

What am I going to do?

Next week.

  • Try to improve the predictive temperature model of the NumPy weather sprint.
  • Again watch the Coursera Machine Learning lectures. I hope to be able to concentrate better this time.
  • Review another book by Neal Stephenson.


First, there was some problem at the data center, where this website is hosted. I always thought that the server was in somebody’s cellar in a small box or something. Never had a problem as far as I can remember. CloudFlare seems to have saved the day. At least a couple of times I saw a cached version of my blog. I am thinking of upgrading my CloudFlare account, but you know I am too cheap to do it just like that. I prefer that my website can pay for itself somehow.

Next, as always Malocchio. Malocchio without a doubt is an evil spirit trapped in the body of a dirty alcoholic. Beside protective talismans, what is needed are the services of expert exorcists and sicko analysts. If it were up to me, I would just lock him up in a room without windows on a remote uninhabited island. And throw away the key, of course.

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