Review of Ender’s Game

Now that the release of the “Ender’s Game” movie is imminent, I would like to review the novel the movie is based on. The book itself is a followup on a short story with the same name and by the same author. I have read the short story too. For obvious reasons if you have to choose, I will recommend reading the full book. However, if you read the short story, some things in the novel would become clearer.

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The story: Earthlings feel threatened by an alien species commonly referred to as the “Buggers”. Ender Wiggin, a young child, selected after careful testing as the next military genius is sent to a military academy for kids in outer space. The academy called Battle School is where kids from all over the world train for the next alien invasion. All these children are brilliant geniuses, but through many exercises and mock battles Ender emerges as the best military leader.

The Good

This book is amazing. Words cannot describe how good it is. If the film is anywhere near this quality, then we can expect lots of Oscars.

The Bad

Ender’s game is not a book that children should read, because it’s incredibly violent. Of course, the violence is essential for the story. The book is about a war after all.

The Ugly

I find the whole idea that kids would make the best generals not very believable. If you read the book for the first time without any context, it would seem that it’s a sequel. And it is in a sense since some elements of the short story weren’t copied over it seems.

The Conclusion

“Ender’s Game” is a classic, so a movie was overdue. Let’s hope that it does justice to the book.

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