Weekly Standup II

From what I have been reading lately on the blogosphere everybody who is proudly pro Waterfall or just pretending to be Agile, should be shot or just thrown off an actual waterfall. Fortunately, I am Extremely Agile or for those of you who like abbreviations – XA. I even came up with an extra question for standups. The question is – what didn’t you do? This is a great question, in case you have nothing to do and want the standup to continue for a bit longer than strictly necessary.

What didn’t I do?

Since the last standup. I didn’t watch the video lectures of Machine Learning on Coursera. And for once, I have a valid excuse – there were no new lectures. I reloaded the video lecture page so often, that they gave me a bronze badge. Not the kind of badge you can throw as a Frisbee. No, a digital badge. Imagine what kind of badge you would receive, if you launched a Denial of Service attack :).

What did I do?

Last week to be precise.

  • I changed some things on my website and blog. I discussed it in detail yesterday. Also I added a contact page and a new header image.
  • I described¬† my skill matrix. Some people might call it “crossing off bed notches”, but it’s nothing like that. I thought for a couple of minutes of making a meme of the whole thing, but decided against it, because I don’t think anybody else is interested in showing his or her skills matrix.
  • Added two new entries in the NumPy Weather series – Describing Data with Pandas DataFrames and Examining Autocorrelation of Average Temperature with Pandas
  • Played around with Blaze. Found some unexpected features or bugs as amateurs call them. One of them is pretty serious and has been known for three months. I am now thinking of asking for Blaze information on Twitter or the Blaze mailing list. However, I don’t want to display my ignorance fully, so might have to use a disguise and a fake name. Ichiban, for instance.
  • Finalized the Matplotlib text analysis. Apparently I did a good enough job for now.

What am I going to do?

Next week, let’s say.

  • I am thinking of adding another banner to the list of header images. In addition, I will either display animated GIFs or slideshow in the sidebar. The slideshow will be in the style of the Amazon “Look Inside” widget and will feature pictures of the table of contents or indices of my books. By the way I know that there are better book marketing solutions out there. If you are affiliated with one of those products, please contact me. I can’t pay you, but I can let you promote your app on my blog.
  • ¬†I have an idea for the NumPy Weather series. If it is easy to implement, I will add another post next week.
  • More experimentation with Blaze. I think that there will be a new release this month, so I am wondering if the new features are documented somewhere.


The weather is improving in the Netherlands. It’s hard to focus, but at least it’s not freezing. I have tried to get rid of distractions on the Internet, but it’s hard. I think that I have to install special software to block certain sites.

Thank you very much! Thank you! I will be here all week.

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