Website and Blog Changes

You might have noticed some changes lately on my website and blog. Today I will explain these changes to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.

Homepage Redirect

If you visit the homepage of this website you will be automatically redirected to this blog. It was done with PHP, so I guess I have to add PHP to my skills matrix with a knowledge and competence level of 2.  I decided, that there was nothing that you would be missing on my website outside of my blog, except maybe the contact page. You can contact me via social media, (see sidebar) or by commenting anywhere on this blog. I will try to find a decent WordPress alternative for the contact page.

Header Image

I took a few pictures of the books I wrote and made two banners out of the photos I liked most. I think that I am going to make at least one more banner. The header image on this blog is a random choice of the banners.

Blog Monetization

My current approach to the all important issue of blog monetization is to link to the books I wrote. I am a bit reluctant when it comes to online ads placement. Though I wouldn’t mind reviewing products that are somewhat related to information technology and software development, such as books or e-books. If you have an amazing blog, API, web app or other product that you think my readers will find interesting, please let me know. Obviously it would be even better if you could send me the text of an article already prepared by you, but don’t make it too commercial please.

Presentations, Cyber Crime and Bionic ears

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