Review of the Dukeo Blog

From time to time I read the Dukeo blog, which is a blog with blogging tips. A blog about blogging if you will. Dukeo has an ongoing review contest currently. This review is my entry in the contest. As a reward Dukeo offers real dollars. The way the size of the reward is calculated is kind of complicated, so I will not explain it here. By the way I have my own book giveaway contest. This is allowed apparently. I may link to other pages.

The Dukeo contest rules state that I should be honest. That’s great. I love being honest, when I can afford to be. I will list my likes and dislikes of the Dukeo blog below in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly format.

The Good

Dukeo has useful blogging tips. Well, they seem useful, but since I don’t blog that often I can’t be sure.

The Bad

In my very humble opinion the advice is pretty generic. For instance, as far as I know no specific tips are given for technical book authors or IT guys/software developers.

The Ugly

I don’t like the Dukeo name that much. It doesn’t say “blogging” to me.


It would be great if Dukeo offered blogging suggestions for techies. I don’t think that anybody does that by the way. Which gives me an idea. There are some blogs that cater to book authors, but most of them are very low quality in my humble opinion.

Writing blog reviews seems to be fun. If you want me to review your blog, drop me a message and I will see what I can do for you. One day I might ask you to review my blog as well.

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