Weekly Standup I

Standup here refers to the daily standup in Scrum, not to stand up comedy. Long live the Agile revolution! For those of you not familiar with standups – a brief explanation is in order. The daily standup is a daily ritual, where team members one by one get poked by a friendly Scrum Master in an attempt to get answer to the three most important questions in one’s life:

  1. What did you do (today or yesterday) since the previous interrogation?
  2. What are you going to do after we let you go?
  3. Do you have any impediments, complaints, issues or anything else you would like to complain at length about?

I guess I have to explain what a Scrum Master is. And the whole Scrum thing. Maybe another time. Let’s say that you either know about Scrum or you don’t, in which case consider yourself lucky. You are supposed to do a standup ritual every day and offer a chicken or a pig to Scrum at the end of the sprint. However, I am standing up on my own and there is no Scrum Master around, therefore I am not going to follow the tradition. Instead I will have a weekly standup.

What did I do?

This week, let’s say.

  • I watched some of the video lectures on Coursera about Machine Learning. I blogged about it too.
  • Together with Packt Publishing I organized the
    NumPy Beginner’s Guide Giveaway Contest. There are four contestants currently with three potential winners, but you still can join.
  • I installed Anaconda and Blaze. Now I am playing around with Blaze.
  • Doing analysis of a Matplotlib text. The original author is not responding to his e-mails. Must be very busy. Luckily I don’t have this problem.

What am I going to do?

Until the next standup in a week or so. This is the part where I am not going to be entirely honest, so I am not promising anything.

  • Hopefully more Machine Learning notes will be written.
  • The Blaze experiments will continue.
  • I am planning to write another NumPy example in the NumPy weather series perhaps.


I am getting distracted by shiny objects on the Internet. And by the media with their sensationalist stories. I count the Mars One project as one of those distractions. I am still trying to recall what I did the last time I tried to become an astronaut. Or cosmonaut as astronauts were called on the other side of the Iron Curtain. By the way reality TV wasn’t invented yet back then.

I remember that I did a lot of running. Not by choice, mind you. Perhaps I should start doing that again. Some training in rollercoasters wouldn’t hurt either.


I looked up what the requirements are for NASA astronauts. I fail most of the requirements:

  • Not an US citizen. This is fixable I guess.
  • I wear glasses. Laser surgery should help.
  • No experience as a test pilot.

Getting selected for the Mars One suicide mission seems simpler in comparison. All you need is good media training. Or you could just pay enough people to vote for you. Most candidates only want media exposure anyway. However, just imagine the benefits of being one of the first people on Mars. You could start your own empire on Mars. Who is going to stop you? If you find gold or other precious metals, you might be able to buy land on Earth too.

Emperor Ivan I the Terrible – the first emperor on Mars. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Let’s make it happen! Long live the glorious Mars Empire and its magnificent leaders!

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