Table of Contents Update

I got an update about the table of contents of my recently published books. Apparently the department involved will take care of it soon. NumPy Beginner’s Guide 2nd ed. will be officially published on 25 April. Soon after that Packt Publishing wants me to organize another giveaway contest with the usual conditions. So if you are interested please visit my blog this or next week.

We are still looking for reviewers, for both NumPy Beginner’s Guide 2nd ed. and Instant Pygame for Python game development. Reviewers will receive free copies of the books. You can show your interest by leaving a comment below. I would also appreciate it, if you link to the book websites from relevant websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media.

Links for April 22, 2013

I would definitely recommend installing Monotony, if you use RSS and OS X.

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