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Not so long ago I wrote a short Pygame tutorial called Instant Pygame for Python Game Development How-to. This book is aimed at Python game developers who want to create games with Pygame quickly and easily and get familiar with important aspects of it. Experience with Python is assumed. Basic game development experience would help but isn’t necessary. There are about twenty examples in total in the book. Unfortunately the table of contents seems to be not available yet. I will ask Packt Publishing about that. The marketing text on the website is a bit strange here and there, but I hope you get the idea. Here is my version:

What you will learn from this book

  • Install and prepare the basic setup to get started with Pygame on various operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • Learn how you can develop multiplayer games using Twisted
  • Introduction to the drawing functionality of Pygame and animation
  • Understand and use Sprites, OpenGL and collision detection with Pygame
  • Display various fonts
  • Integrate with the open source library, Matplotlib to create various interesting plots.
  • Accessing data to create excellent sound effects and music to go with the games

Currently the Packt Publishing marketers are looking for reviewers of the book. In exchange for the review on your blog or Amazon, you will receive a free copy of the book. If you are interested please leave a comment. On the marketing side, I request your assistance in promoting the book on online channels. For this, it would be great, if you or your friends could mention the book on your blog/website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ with it’s book link as follows:

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