NumPy Beginner’s Guide Second Edition Release Imminent

Good news! NumPy Beginner’s Guide second edition is currently being printed. You can already pre-order it. The official release is within a week or so.

Packt Publishing is looking for reviewers. If you are interested please leave a comment here or contact me by e-mail. Reviewers receive a free copy of the book in exchange for a review on their blog or on Amazon.

NumPy Beginner's Guide 2nd ed.

NumPy Beginner’s Guide 2nd ed.

What will you learn from this book?

  • How to install NumPy
  • NumPy arrays
  • Universal functions
  • NumPy matrices
  • NumPy modules
  • Perform high performance calculations with clean and efficient NumPy code
  • Analyze large data sets with statistical functions
  • Execute complex linear algebra and mathematical computations
  • Plot with Matplotlib
  • Test NumPy code
  • SciPy and Scikits

What has changed? Compared to the previous edition some improvements have been made:

  • Errors discovered in the previous edition have been fixed.
  • The tutorials have been upgraded to match the latest NumPy version.
  • More mathematical details are given. You have to thank the technical reviewers for that. I assumed that it wasn’t necessary 🙂
  • New examples have been added.
  • An extra chapter has been added.

The main aim now is to get the books featured on online channels that are prominent and relevant to the book. This includes getting the book promoted on different technology websites/blogs, magazines, e-commerce portals, social media channels, forums and other similar platforms.

Please help me get this book promoted on any user groups or forums you may be a part of, with a back link to the book page: .

It’d be great if you could make a mention of the book on any of your social media accounts like,  Twitter, Facebook etc. as well as on your blog. I’d thoroughly appreciate it. Kindly let me know when you do. You can make use of the Packt book link whenever you make a mention of it:

If you have any friends/colleagues interested in writing a book review/article on their website/blog, please let me know. The Packt Publishing marketers can arrange for free specimen copies of the book to give away to them.

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