Review of “Learning SciPy for Numerical and Scientific Computing”

I have been asked by Packt Publishing to review “Learning SciPy for Numerical and Scientific Computing“. The author, Francisco Silva, asked me some questions by e-mail about Packt Publishing prior to writing this book. So I guess my answers must have contributed just a little to the creation of the book. The book is about SciPy and has some minimal overlap with my books on NumPy. The publisher requested to keep the review short so I will only mention some highlights here. By the way I received a free e-book entry in my Packtlib account from which I chose the ePub version. I assume that the print book and the e-books in other format would have the same contents.

General Info

The book has 148 pages including front matter, preface and index. There are 8 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to SciPy
  • Chapter 2: Top-level SciPy
  • Chapter 3: SciPy for Linear Algebra
  • Chapter 4: SciPy for Numerical Analysis
  • Chapter 5: SciPy for Signal Processing
  • Chapter 6: SciPy for Data Mining
  • Chapter 7: SciPy for Computational Geometry
  • Chapter 8: Interaction with Other Languages

The Good

In the front matter one of the reviewers mentions my book “NumPy 1.5 Beginner’s Guide”. I have to give at least one star for that. Just kidding :). The book gives a good overview of SciPy and explains a bit about NumPy and Matplotlib. Although if you are interested in NumPy, I would have to recommend my books.

The Bad

In my very humble and personal opinion the text seems to get a little “wordy” here and there.

The Ugly

This is a minor thing, but I did find it odd that some functions were called “commands” in the book.


Overall a good book on SciPy with a lot of mathematics. If you need more detailed information about Matplotlib and NumPy, I could recommend you other books by Packt Publishing.

Disclaimer: I received a free e-book by Packt Publishing. Also I have written a couple of books about NumPy published by the same publisher.


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