RSS Reader Acceptance Criteria

As a future Product Owner of a proposed Google Reader clone, I have a list of acceptance criteria, beside the usual such as getting rich quickly, world peace, end of world hunger and disease. I envision two huge Epics, Roadmaps or whatever they are called these days: Monetization and the Rest.

We will monetize the app until the users start complaining and then push it some more. First, we will put ads everywhere. This includes ads shown for each feed item, huge banners, popups, “promoted feeds” and promotion e-mails. Second, users will have to pay for everything, we can think of, starting with a monthly subscription. Heavy users will be penalized, and made to pay extra for each new added subscription and for each day that their unread count is at 1000+.

The Rest will be a bunch of enhancements based on my favorite Greasemonkey scripts for Google Reader. So this means extra pretty colors. Proper counters and not those lame 1000+ things. Ability to filter and rank feed items. Some sort of spam filter. Basically I want to be able to filter articles entitled “RSS is Dead, Buy Viagra!!!” Preferably automatically, but if necessary also manually.

Disclaimer: This plan might not go through due to the lack of knowledge of Agile today. We don’t have any cows or chickens in our startup yet, but we are recruiting aggressively. Are you able to turn a PC on? Do you enjoy standing and talking? Can you talk for hours about how hard Agile is? Do you have a Definition of Done? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be just Agile enough to join us!

Articles for March 17, 2013

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