In RSS Denial

RSS is not dead. That’s what sleazy Viagra salesmen want you to think. They want you in a walled garden bombarded by ads until you rot, so that Google Glass wearing zombies can trip over your corpse. Saying that RSS is dead, is like saying that Santa Claus doesn’t exist.

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We need to kill ads. Turn Big Data dreams into Wrong Data nightmares. Click on stupid ads you are not really interested in. Change cookie values. Pretend that you are a 80 year old Icelandic woman by the name of Drop Table Users.

Just kidding. Ads are awesome. Life would be unbearable without them. Let’s imagine that we want to run a Google Reader clone. Can we do it without ads? I estimate that it costs annually 10 dollars per user to host, develop and run such an application. Seems optimistic, but let’s go with it. Of course, we could ask people to pay. Instead if we want to keep the app free, how often would we need to show ads? Again let’s be optimistic and say that we get 1 cent for each ad view. This means that we will need to have a 1000 ad views per user each year. That’s 3 views per day. We could have 3 ads on strategic locations in the UI and hope that users log in at least once a day. Or we could send the ads daily by e-mail, since we will have your e-mail.

Disclaimer: I will deny writing anything here, if I have to. I can always say that I have been hacked or that I had too much too drink. All numbers and ideas mentioned here are based entirely on fiction. Also I am not a lawyer so I don’t think this disclaimer has any legal validity.

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