RSS Therapy

I don’t know how you are coping with the demise of Google Reader, but I am somewhere between the denial and negotation phase. We need closure and proper alternatives for our relationship with our beloved Google Reader.

I am trying out several web options. Feedly requires you to install a Firefox plugin. Yes, I am not using Google Chrome, because they could just kill it due to bad monetization. The Old Reader is still putting me on hold. Apparently there are 17000 other people before me in the queue who also want to have their OPML file imported. Then there were other websites where I got an immediate import error.

I haven’t tried the DIY angle yet. An open source RSS aggregator called tt-rss gets mentioned a lot. Seems a bit heavy with too many dependencies. I was thinking of using Yahoo Pipes or IFTT to mail content. Or creating a huge feed by combining all the feeds in my OPML file, for instance at the RSS mix website. Still I will need to write a script to extract all the URLs.

It might not be necessary to do this, because new RSS champions have appeared such as Digg. I could also just subscribe directly by mail from now on. If I have to setup mails for my already existing collection it will take me at least a hundred hours by my conservative estimation.

Things you should know on March 15, 2013

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