John Hunter Memorial Fund

I have been asked to mention the John Hunter Memorial Fund. John Hunter is the author of the famous Matplotlib open source Python plotting library. Beside basic plotting Matplotlib can do LaTeX style formatting of text in plots, 3D plots, animation and more.

I use Matplotlib regularly myself. Matplotlib is also covered extensively in my NumPy books. There is one special chapter dedicated to Matplotlib in each of these books.

John Hunter passed away in August 2012. The memorial fund setup by the NumFocus foundation is an opportunity for us, fans of John Hunter’s work, to “give back” so to say. Again for more details check out the link above to the NumFocus website.

Disclaimer: I am not involved with the Memorial Fund in any way. Also I didn’t know John Hunter personally.

News for March Thirteen, 2013

Bittorent Live, Bitcoin crash and other news.

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