Should everyone learn to code?

No. Why not? Well, first there is no need for that and not enough jobs anyway. Even if there were enough jobs, if more people started programming due to supply and demand, coding would become less “special”. You know what I mean. Yes, financially and otherwise.

Should everyone learn basic IT skills? Maybe. It depends on the definition of basic skills. If you drive a car you need to have a license. So maybe we should have a similar requirement for computer users. I think this kind of license already exists in some form or shape. Life would be so much easier for people in IT. We wouldn’t need to act as a sort of free helpdesk. And it might block the spread of computer viruses and malware.

Learn to drive, before starting to race. Whatever you do, don’t mess with the engine and the other technical stuff. If you really want to dive in, I can point you to websites and books you should read. I have been told that my books are pretty darn good 🙂

Links for March Twelve, 2013

Google voice search, used e-book tech, poor youth IT skills and more.

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