On the Importance of Typing

I frequently see people looking at their keyboard while typing, then looking up at the screen and down again. It makes me want to smile, but I was once like these people – completely ignorant of all the benefits of touch typing. I blame the educational system, that was created before computers were even invented. Still nowadays all kids should learn to type. This might be even more important than swimming lessons.

A developer, a writer or a professional who works with computers a lot should learn to type. Yet even I did not realize that for years. Again schools are to blame. Since this is such an important skill I am planning to write another “Sharpen the Saw” posts about typing.

Of course, you can be successful in what you do without ever learning to type. Maybe even lead multibillion IT companies. Write books that become instant bestsellers. But you could have made your life so much easier in a matter of weeks or less.

Reads for March Eleven, 2013

China’s next generation internet, free SXSW music, a dad hacks a game for his daughter to have a girl as hero, Berlin-based MOOC platform and a free Hadoop book.


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