Review of Cobweb

Many people wrote reviews of NumPy Cookbook, so I decided to review books I have read myself. I happen to like science fiction and books by Neal Stephenson. This review is about “Cobweb” written by Neal Stephenson and Frederick George. It’s not a science fiction book, but more of a political thriller. A slightly satirical thriller.

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Just before the Gulf War starts a brave Deputy County sheriff discovers clues of a conspiracy in the East Iowa University. The suspects are a group of Arab students. A CIA analyst in Washington finds similar clues. Senior management is, of course, not happy with this kind of theories.

The FBI gets involved although it shouldn’t. And we get thoroughly informed about the responsibilities of the CIA and the FBI and their relationship. If you are not interested in U.S. politics or the way the U.S. government works, you might find these details annoying. Overall the book is well written and exciting to the end.

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