Interview by Packt Authors

Packt Authors published an interview with me a couple of days ago. I had another interview by the way in January this year on the FLOSS Science website. The occasion for the latest interview by Packt was the release of my latest book NumPy Cookbook:

Reminder – you can still win a free copy of this book during the giveaway period. Please give your friends a chance to win too and spread the word on Reddit, Hacker News, DZone etc.

The interview itself was more about the pressure of writing a book, than I had expected. I guess that is an issue or at least Packt Publishing is worried. Several people asked me advice about writing a book at Packt, so I have been meaning to write an in-depth article about that. You can expect to read more on the subject in some shape or form in the future.

If you’d be interested (unrelated to the giveaway) in reviewing NumPy Cookbook in exchange for a free copy of the book, please leave a comment. The following is a list of Python links I came across this week:

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