NumPy Cookbook chapter 4

Chapter 4 of NumPy Cookbook is about NumPy interoperability features and NumPy on the Cloud. The preliminary contents of chapter 4 of NumPy Cookbook:

  • Using the buffer protocol
  • Using the array interface
  • Exchanging data with Matlab and Octave
  • Installing RPy2
  • Interfacing with R
  • Installing JPype
  • Sending a NumPy array to JPype
  • Installing Google App Engine
  • Deploying NumPy code in the Google cloud
  • Running NumPy code in a Python Anywhere web console
  • Setting up PiCloud

The book will be published in November. If you’d be interested in reviewing the book in exchange for a free copy of the book, please leave a comment. The following is a list of Python links I came across last week:

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