NumPy Cookbook chapter 3

Chapter 3 of NumPy Cookbook is about commonly used functions. The preliminary contents of chapter 3 of NumPy Cookbook:

  • Summing Fibonacci numbers
  • Finding Prime Factors
  • Finding Palindromic numbers
  • Steady State Vector determination
  • Discovering a power law
  • Sieving Integers with the Sieve of Erasthothenes

The book is due to be published in November. If you’d be interested in reviewing the book please leave a comment. As a reviewer you will get a free copy of the book. Below is a list of links I recently came across, related in some way to Python, mathematics or both:

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2 Responses to NumPy Cookbook chapter 3

  1. John Cook says:

    I’d be interested in reviewing your book. Thanks.

  2. Hello Ivan, I would love to review this book.

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