2012 Python Meme

My “Python meme” replies.

What’s the coolest Python application, framework or library you have discovered in 2011?

NumPy, because of my book Numpy 1.5 Beginner’s Guide published in November this year. Although I did not discover it in 2011. Still I learned a lot of things about NumPy in the process, so it was a rediscovery, if you will. Yes, NumPy is supercool. Trust me, I am an expert on cool.

What new programming technique did you learn in 2011?

I can’t tell you that, it’s all strictly confidential, top secret stuff. I think I said too much already. OK, I learned some basic AI techniques. Nothing special. I did some spikes with SQLAlchemy too.

What’s the name of the open source project you contributed the most in 2011? What did you do?

NumPy. I hope that I contributed to NumPy through my blog and book. Evangelist is a Big Word, so I would not use that one to describe my contribution. Let’s say, I am an Apprentice Evangelist. In training.

What was the Python blog or website you read the most in 2011?

I have been reading the NumPy, SciPy and Matplotlib online documentation a lot.

What are the three top things you want to learn in 2012?

That’s easy.

  1. (Internet) marketing.

  2. Social media.

  3. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing.

The first two items I want to learn mostly because of my book. I am exploring social media, which means in practice that I joined a lot of websites and created profiles. The list is on the social section of the unofficial book website. If you Like me, I will Like you back. If you Follow me, I will Follow you back, I promise. Let’s be friends! The last item is something I always wanted to do. I always dreamed of having a robot or computer do all my hard work.

What are the top software, app or lib you wish someone would write in 2012?

I really like VisualVM, which is a Java profiling tool. I haven’t found a Python equivalent yet, so please write one. Also I want it to be easy to use and install.

Want to do your own list? here’s how:

copy-paste the questions and answer to them in your blog tweet it with the #2012pythonmeme hashtag

I would like to thank Gokhan Sever for his recent review of NumPy Beginner’s Guide on the Pycloud blog. Happy New Year, readers! I wish you all the best for 2012!

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