Review of R Graph Essentials

P. Basu from  Packt Publishing sent me an e-copy of “R Graph Essentials“. The book is about plotting with  R. It was published in September 2014 and has about 190 pages. The book has the following 4 chapters:

  1. The first chapter “Base Graphics in R – One Step at a Time” covers scatter plots and line plots.
  2. The second chapter “Advanced Functions in Base Graphics” discusses more advanced techniques such as grids, shading, colors and others.
  3. The third chapter “Mastering the qplot Function” is about the qplot function.
  4. The final chapter “Creating Graphs with ggplot” is a tutorial on ggplot, which according to the author is even more powerful than qplot.

As you can deduce from the title of the book, many plot types are mentioned such as bar charts, histograms and box plots. The good news is that it never gets boring. However, I don’t agree with the extensive coverage of colors and palettes. As far as I know, not all versions of the book show colors and the same goes for some reading devices. Instead the book could have discussed three-dimensional plots, contour plots, polar coordinates or some other type of chart.

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