Review of Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization

Rochell D from Packt Publishing provided me with an e-copy of “Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization”, which explains the process of performance tuning in the context of Java enterprise applications.

  • Chapter 1 “Getting Started with Performance Tuning” gives a very high-level overview of performance tuning.
  • Chapter 2 “Understanding Java Fundamentals” talks about garbage collection and concurrency.
  • Chapter 3, “Getting Familiar with Performance Testing” covers testing tools such as Apache JMeter.
  • Chapter 4, “Monitoring Java Applications” focuses on Java monitoring tools such as operating system tools, JConsole,Java Mission Control, IDE tools from NetBeans and Eclipse, and JProfiler.
  • Chapter 5, “Recognizing Common Performance Issues” categorizes frequently encountered performance issues.
  • Chapter 6, “CPU Time Profiling” goes further with the profiling tool NetBeans, Eclipse, and JProfiler.
  • Chapter 7, “Thread Profiling” discusses in detail potential threading issues.
  • Chapter 8, “Memory Profiling”, is about memory issues (such as out-of-memory errors) and the Object Query Language (OQL).
  • Chapter 9, “Tuning an Application’s Environment” gives hints on the tuning of JVM, application server, and operating system.
  • Chapter 10, “Designing High-performance Enterprise Applications” covers data caching and design possibilities.
  • Chapter 11, “Performance Tuning Tips” gives tips on Test-Driven Development (TDD), tuning of Java EE components, database tuning, best practices and using javap.
  • Chapter 12, “Tuning a Sample Application” puts it all together in a practice scenario.

The book reads like a PowerPoint presentation with lots of bullet points and diagrams. “Java EE 7 Performance Tuning and Optimization” is intended for a broad audience, but it does give interesting technical details. Some of the passages seem a bit self-serving and written from the point of view of a performance tuning consultant. However, the technical topics coverage is very broad, so there must be something of interest for everybody.

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